Tanking in the NBA

We all know teams do it. GM’s have even admitted to it. In my opinion tanking in the NBA is a problem. This year’s draft class is supposed to be one of the best there has been in a long time so we will be seeing more teams tanking than ever. I am a Utah Jazz fan. They still have not won a game and I hope they keep it up! I will be honest, if I was part of a mediocre NBA organization I would want to tank too. The worst place to be is in that 9th spot when you don’t make the playoffs and you don’t have a great chance of significantly improving your team through the draft by getting a future superstar. The draft lottery was made to prevent tanking, and although it has probably helped, it is just not good enough. Teams will still tank for a better chance at the top pick.

I think there is one simple and fair solution to keep every team competitive all year. The number one pick should go to the team with the best record that does not make the playoffs. The second pick will go to the second best team that did not make the playoffs and so on until all the non playoff teams have picked. Then the rest of the draft can stay as it has been where the worst playoff team picks 15 and the best picks last.

Genius! Think about it. Every team in the league will have something to play for in all 82 games. All the contending teams will be fighting for playoff seeding as usual, and all the teams that are out of playoff contention will still being playing to win so they can get a better pick. This is the answer! I feel so strong about this I might try to e-mail David Stern. Every one knows that the NBA season is long and often boring. This adds a competitiveness that will last the whole year for every single team with something to play for.


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